Noe Told to Pay $13.7 Million

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Last week, Tom Noe was sentenced to 18 years in jail for stealing money from Ohio's Bureau of Workers Compensation fund. He was also ordered to pay $3 million to pay for the state's cost of prosecution. Now back in court again, he's been told to pay back the $13.7 million he embezzled. Authorities hope to get the money from the assets of Noe's rare coin and collectibles business, which they seized in May. He also has a little money from all the Republican candidates including President Bush, who sent back some of his campaign donations after the scandal erupted. Noe is serving time in federal prison for illegally funneling money to the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2004.

Noe's partner Tim LaPointe pleaded guilty to tampering with records but the more serious charge of engaging in a corrupt activity was dropped. LaPointe was a key witness against Noe, describing how the two would create fake records and to hide the fact that they were taking money from the Workers Comp fund. He'll be sentenced in January. Mark Urycki, 90.3.

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