New School Initiatives to Begin Soon

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Eugene Sanders says he's committed to eliminating the achievement gap for black and poor students in the district. He's promising that students entering Kindergarten today will see huge gains in just three years.

Eugene Sanders: Third grade students in our district in three years will be doing reading and math on the same level with any other student in our state - in the entire state of Ohio.

Sanders called that an unprecedented public commitment, but offered few specifics on how he would achieve that goal. Pressed later for more details, Sanders said the schools will eliminate the achievement gap by capping class sizes at 20 students, identifying better teaching methods, and, more testing.

Eugene Sanders: There's a lot more testing that's going to take place now, probably more than ever before.

Like at past events this year, Sanders also promoted a new academy for at risk boys and four single-gender schools - all slated to open in the fall. His first real test comes in just a few weeks, when the district learns if it will meet Sanders' goal of achieving continuous improvement status this year. Dan Bobkoff, 90.3.

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