NE Ohio Democrats Heading To D.C. For Rally

Democratic activists in Northeast Ohio hope this weekend's rally in Washington D.C. will gin up enthusiasm among their base at home.

Labor unions and other Northeast Ohio groups have about 40 buses lined up to take take their members to Washington - about a thousand in all, according to one estimate.

Harriett Applegate of the Northshore Federation of Labor concedes it's been a challenge to get the democratic faithful charged up.

"There's this sense that all the enthusiasm is on the side of the conservatives, who want a very, very different kind of country, that doesn't even resemble the kind of country we have today," Applegate says. "And so we're trying to sound the alarm with our members and say, you know, you really have to start paying attention here."

The rally scheduled for Saturday on the Washington mall could rival a similar event in August spearheaded by Fox News conservative firebrand Glenn Beck.

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