National Experts in Cleveland to Discuss Presidential Healthcare Policy Issues

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CUDA: National experts from Washington DC and Cleveland are putting their heads together to discuss the challenges --and possible solutions-- to what many consider a national healthcare crisis. The forum is co-sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic and the Brookings Institution, and will discuss the current and future state of healthcare policy. Michael O'Hanlon, is a senior fellow at Brookings. He says the goal is to get voters to start thinking about the issues now.

O'HANLON: I'd like to see people walk away with 2 or 3 clear ideas in their head of different mechanisms by which you might address the problem of insurance coverage- of growing cost, and therefore helping people be more informed voters as November approaches.

CUDA: The discussion which begins at 8:30 a.m. in the conference center of the Intercontinental Hotel is free and open to public. It will also be webcast live from the Brookings website, brookings-dot-edu. Gretchen Cuda, 90.3.

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