McCain Focused on Capturing Ohio

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Jessica Lehmen had a front row view of John McCain as he addressed the Elyria crowd. She's a campaign volunteer who has been working tirelessly going door-to-door, passing out flyers and making phone calls for the last several months. After he spoke McCain walked over to Lehman, gave her a hug and an autograph, and left her overcome with emotion.

LEHMEN: I've been working on this campaign since day one - I'm a volunteer at Lorain - I'm so overwhelmed that it paid off, that I finally got to to get a hug from him.

Lehman's father is a marine corp veteran - she says John McCain is a hero who will keep the country safe.

LEHMAN: We hug our children every night and tell them it's going to be OK for the next day and with John McCain in the White House, it will be.

Many in the crowd spoke of McCain's honesty, experience and heroism that attracted them to the candidate. And some like Janette Ganobsek, were simply impressed he would even take the time to visit their small town.

JANETTE GANOBSEK: A little area like Lorain/Elyria we appreciate it

Some came because it was a chance to get past all the campaign advertising and hear the Senator for themselves. Laura Eland of North Ridgeville, a thirty-something mom, liked what she heard.

ELAND: I really, really like his ideas for change and government. I want to keep my own money. I want a better future for my daughter. I want smaller government. I want more state control, I don't want universal healthcare, I want pro life policies and maybe supreme court justice appointments. I just want less government and less corruption and less pork-barrel spending and I think that John McCain's gonna bring that kind of change to the office.

McCain spent most of his day in Ohio where the latest polls show him behind Barack Obama but only slightly.

Gretchen Cuda, 90.3


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