Marcia Fudge Knocks GOP, Applauds Kasich for Medicaid Proposals

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Fudge said people in her district, redrawn to include both Cleveland and Akron, are still trying to recover from the economic crisis and the impact of automatic federal spending cuts.

FUDGE: “Some segments of our community, as your know, are doing well. Some, however, continue to struggle. We live in a time where hard work no longer guarantees a good quality of life.”

Fudge highlighted her own recent initiatives, including a proposal to sell bonds as a way to fund the demolition of abandoned homes.

And while she knocked Republicans for, in her opinion, focusing too much on cutting spending, she praised Gov. John Kasich for proposing that Ohio expand the Medicaid program to cover hundreds of thousands more people. She said Kasich stands apart from Republican lawmakers who haven’t supported the expansion.

FUDGE: “He’s the only responsible adult up there in that majority. That’s what he wants and he is right. There is no moral or economic reason that can be defended for them not to take the Medicaid expansion.”

Fudge called Congress dysfunctional, but said she still tries to make inroads with Republican colleagues in the hopes that it will yield more bipartisan agreement.

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