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Good morning and thanks for tuning in to this special 9 o'clock show. Today's program, Building a Sustainable Future, is part of a four-day Making Change; Reinventing our Economy extravaganza. Yesterday we aired a radio documentary that explored the concept of sustainability and how it's already at play in Northeast Ohio's economy. Today, we're going to pick up on the sustainability theme and explore its applications. We're going to talk with a some sustainability supporters AND we want to talk with you as well. We'll be opening the phone lines later-and we always welcome your comments and questions via e-mail at

My guests today are Holly Harlan, co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability-a kind of support group and source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. Bill Doty is president of Doty & Miller Architects, and Paul Alsenas is director of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission.


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Holly Harlan, Co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability
Bill Doty, President of Doty & Miller Architects
Paul Alsenas, Director of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

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Contagious but Good for You: Sustainability and NE Ohio's Economy [View Transcript]
Businesses always have to worry about the bottom line...but many businesses today are thinking about their Triple Bottom Line: profits, planet and people. It's the business application of sustainability. As companies make a profit, they have to account for the cost of their business to the planet and to the people who are stakeholders in the company. It may sound complicated but those companies that apply sustainable principals to their businesses are generally more successful financially than comparable firms who don't consider the triple-bottom line. ideastream's Shula Neuman looks at what local businesses large and small are doing to be sustainable...and how their practices could benefit all of Northeast Ohio.

What do you think? Do we have a trend toward sustainability developing here in Northeast Ohio? Is this a great idea or is it completely unrealistic? Is Cleveland really ready for this?

If you were not able to be a part of our discussion, but would like to share your opinion on this topic please go to the Speak Up! section of our website and let us hear your comments!

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