Lt. Governor Fisher On The Senate Campaign Trail

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Democrat lee Fisher clearly hopes to capitalize on the anti-Washington sentiment that is gripping the nation. At the outset of his speech before an audience at the City Club of Cleveland, he said Washington's way of doing things hurts Ohio, Ohio's workers, and Ohio's families.

Fisher: "Washington creates incentives for companies to send jobs from Ohio to china, not to create incentives to keep jobs in Cleveland and in Ohio. Washington gives banks billions in bailouts but shortchanges small business owners and entrpreneurs. And Washington busts budgets and borrows from abroad while families struggle to stay in their homes and food on their table."

Fisher accused Washington insiders of forgetting where they came from and who they work for. Fisher made creating jobs his front-and-center issue. He proposed a tax credit of twice the payroll tax for all new hires over the next two years, and that all unspent federal stimulus money be redirected to projects that immediately create jobs.

Fisher: "Any stimulus money that doesn't create a job, save a job or help someone find a job shouldn't be spent, period."

Fisher also called for a 30 billion dollar small business loan fund, and doubling the tax deduction for small business start-up costs.

Fisher is running for the senate seat being vacated by republican George Voinovich. He faces current Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in the democratic primary in may. The winner of that race will run against Republican Rob Portman in November.

Bill Rice, 90.3.

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