Lines Mount at Board Of Elections

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Despite having 230 voting stations inside, lines at Cuyahoga County's Board of Elections offices today have stretched OUTside, east along Euclid Avenue, then north on East 30th street.

Police officers were guiding traffic, which at times, stretched for blocks.

Still, voters like Juanita Moore said the payoff - was worth the wait.

MOORE: "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah it's worth it.... I'd wait three hours to vote today yes - cause I think it's just gonna get worse."

Many people said they spent at least one hour in line - and half that time just getting to the line.

COREY MANN: "I was amazed at how hard it was to find a parking spot."

That's voter Corey Mann.

MANN: "I rode around about 40 minutes. I was almost discouraged. Almost." (Rick on tape) - But you're still here, which tells me you think... (Mann) "This is important. This is important. Gotta sacrifice something."

DEMORE:"I thought I was coming early, and just to see how many people was down here - it was very shocking, but it's encouraging, and to see so many young people down here - and it's amazing."

Early voting at the Board's headquarters continues tomorrow through Monday evening.
Estimates are that nearly 20% of the seven county region will cast early ballots.

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