LaTourette To Lead Centrist Advocacy Group

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Ohio Congressman Steve LaTourette, who is retiring from the House after this year because he's frustrated by partisan gridlock, will head up a group that pushes moderate conservative principles. ideastream's Bill Rice reports.

LaTourette says he'll become President of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a non-profit advocacy group whose membership is dominated by centrist Republican elected officials. The group raises money from individuals and corporations - including corporate lobbyists who, for their donations, get access to members at lunchtime policy briefings. It was founded by retired Congressman Amory Houghton of New York

LaTourette says he's exploring the idea of dropping "Republican" from the group's name, and widening the membership to possibly include Democrats who share similar centrist views.

LaTourette: "This group raises millions and millions of dollars, and I'm trying to talk to Amo and the others who fund this thing about re-tooling it to be an organization that rewards people for finding common ground, regardless if you're a Republican or Democrat."

LaTourette spoke this morning on 90.3's the Sound of Ideas. With his disdain for hyper-partisanship and the polarized presidential campaign in mind, host Mike McIntyre asked him if he would indeed vote for Mitt Romney.

LaTourette: "Oh sure. The politics of division bothers me and... you know, am I in love with Mitt Romney? No. But I don't need to be in love with Mitt Romney, so I'll vote for him in November."

LaTourette has been replaced on the November ballot by Geauga County Prosecutor David Joyce.


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