Kent Townspeople Recall the Events of May 1970

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Imagine growing up in small-town Ohio. A place where you and your neighbors live in modest homes, along tree-lined streets that are coming alive again right around this time of year. Most everything you need in life - jobs, stores, and friends - they're all within walking distance. There are big events happening elsewhere - but they're so far away. They don't affect your world.

That is, until one day in May of 1970. 90.3 WCPN's David C. Barnett spoke with three long-time residents of Kent, Ohio who recalled the events leading up the killing of four students on the Kent State University Campus. Loris Troyer was the Editor of the Kent Record-Courier, at the time; Jim Sawyer was a Junior High School teacher; and Mary Lou Steinert was a mother of five. We sat at Mary Lou's dining room table and talked about how their little town was thrust into the international spotlight, 32 years ago.

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