Kasich Slams Obama For Bargaining Comment

President Obama told Cleveland TV Station WKYC he disapproves of new laws restricting public employee unions in Ohio and Wisconsin. The president said states should not use the financial crisis as an excuse to erode bargaining rights. Governor Kasich responded this way:

Kasich: "The President of the United States has I think...a 13 trillion dollar debt. Why doesn't he do his job? When he does his job and gets our budget balanced and starts to prepare a future for our children, then maybe he can have an opinion about what's going on in Ohio."

Ohio Democratic Party Chief Chris Redfern said Kasich needs to remember it was Republicans who were in charge when wall street fell. Here's what Redfern said when he was asked whether he thought Kasich was trying to set himself up for a presidential run of his own.

Redfern: "Well, I can only hope for a Donald Trump, John Kasich ticket. One fellow has already clearly lost it and the other is on his way to losing it"

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