Kasich Holds Statewide Online Town Hall

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Kasich appeared via live video on his website last night. It looked like any other campaign event. Podium, supporters standing behind him. But the candidate made it clear this was different.

KASICH: We’re using the tools of the twenty first century to communicate.

Next to the podium was a laptop, and after a bit of a stump speech, Kasich took questions from supporters via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

KASICH: OK, Connie from Facebook.

People asked about the tea party movement, education, sports, and the role of lobbyists.

KASICH: is that Jabot? Jabot10 from twitter. Says, for decades, it seems state government was run by lobbyists and interest groups. What can be done about this? They’re not bad people, evil people. They’re just there with a vested interest. Everyone has a vested interest.

The webstream averaged about 350 viewers, based on a counter under the video. Dozens more were signed up to watch at house parties around the state. Like Barack Obama’s successful use of the internet in 2008 that helped propel him to the White House, Kasich clearly hopes social networking helps him unseat Governor Ted Strickland this year.

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