Inner Belt Rehab: Historic Status of Building in Bridge's Path

The Gillata building on the Cuyahoga River was built in 1894, using Cleveland's first viaduct in its foundation.

It's slated for demolition by ODOT. Cleveland landmark status wouldn't prevent that. Citizen Activist Ed Hauser says if it does become eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, ODOT would have to consider other design options.

Ed Hauser: All they have to find is that its eligible then they have to reconsider the southern bridge alignment, and do the proper engineering studies, so the people of this community can make logical decisions about how to spend a billion dollars.

Hauser says he's working on securing the historic status. He claims the inner belt process is being rushed and the citizens of Northeast Ohio have been shut out.

Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 90.3.

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