Incumbent Candidate Strickland Releases Tax Returns

When the Governor first ran for office, he released returns from two thousand to two thousand and five. The 2009 return shows Strickland earned more than 166 thousand dollars, paid more than 21 thousand dollars in federal taxes, and gave more than 30 thousand dollars to charity during that year.

Strickland says taxpayers have the right to know their Governor's financial business and wants John Kasich to release 'his' tax records for the last six years, to prove his work at the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers Investment Firm ...was legitimate.

Despite frequently touting his work on Wall Street, and with Lehman Brothers, Congressman Kasich refuses to tell the people of Ohio what companies he represented, what deals he was involved in, and how much he profited from his time at Lehman," Strickland said.

Republican John Kasich's spokesman, Rob Nichols, says his candidate will not be releasing full copies of his tax returns, but that he's "very satisfied that John and Karen have released information that exceeds what the General Assembly says is necessary for candidates running for governor."

Recently, some reporters were given the opportunity by Kasich's campaign to review financial documents that show he made more than one million dollars in 2008.

More than half of that was made while he worked at Lehman Brothers.

The governor says he wants to know more about the role Kasich played in that company. Nichols says the Governor is bringing this issue up as a way to take attention away from all of the more than 300 thousand jobs that have been lost in Ohio since Strickland took office.


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