Husted Pushes for County Gov't Reform

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However, State Senator Jon Husted told the City Club of Cleveland today the cause is not dead. The former House Speaker said the issue is now bigger than Cuyahoga County and what it needs is the interest and support of leaders at the local level.

HUSTED: You know, I don't want to dictate to Cuyahoga County from Columbus how they're supposed to reform themselves. But look, without being too personal here, I don't think you need to look too far and to see that there's something wrong that needs to be changed.

The Dayton-area senator said he believes the Cuyahoga County reform plans will be taken up by the General Assembly in the coming months. He also explained that a broader Local Government Reform Commission has been established by legislators. That 14-member commission will meet monthly and make final reform recommendations for all levels of local government in the summer of 2010. You can hear the rest of the Husted's address to the City Club Saturday afternoon at three, right here on 90.3 WCPN.

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