House Lawmakers Unveil Their Version Of The Budget

House Republicans are putting more money into public schools in their version of Governor John Kasich’s two-year state budget. It increases spending by 70 million dollars, while repealing the estate tax starting in 2013 and putting 50 million dollars into a fund to encourage local governments to share services to handle the cuts they received. House budget committee chairman Ron Amstutz says wealthier districts will still take bigger hits than poorer districts, though this budget puts an extra 80 million dollars in to K-12 education – an additional 23 dollars per student.

Amstutz says, “We are adding some money to our primary and secondary education community to help take a little bit of the edge off of the impact of the budget proposal on them.”

Lawmakers also clarified that Ohio’s four casinos will pay taxes on money wagered, not on overall revenue. Testimony is scheduled for the next three days – including hearings on Saturday and Sunday.

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