Gov. Kasich Combats Human Trafficking

Ohio now has a tougher law against human trafficking. Governor John Kasich signed it today (Wednesday) in Toledo, a city that law enforcers often think of as a hotbed of a crime many have called “modern-day slavery.”

Kasich was flanked by some Democratic and Republican legislators, plus survivors of trafficking at the signing ceremony.

KASICH: "In regard to this horrible, horrible crime, we're throwing the book at the abusers. Not just the traffickers, but those who profit from the trafficking and those who are somehow in the chain of trafficking."

The law makes human trafficking a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Up till now, victims of trafficking have sometimes been prosecuted themselves, but this law creates a path for victims to have their records expunged if they have prostitution charges as a result of being forced into the sex trade.

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