Fisher Calls For End To Senate Filibuster

Fisher: "We shouldn't be focusing on each other in this process, we should be focusing on Congressman Rob Portman, who is the architect of the very trade and economic policies that got us into this mess."

Speaking on 90.3's The Sound of Ideas, Fisher pointed to just two specific points of disagreement between him and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, the only other democrat running for the seat. On consumer finance protection, Fisher said Brunner has called for a temporary task force to protect consumers, while he would create a permanent agency.

Secondly, Fisher said the senate filibuster is outdated, and should be abolished.

Fisher: "My opponent believes it's time to study and to consider changing it in some way. Well, I don't think that's good enough. I think we should just get rid of it. I think that frankly, there are some rules that have just outlived their usefulness and we should get rid of it."

Fisher pushes green energy development, as does Brunner, and favors financial reform that prevents taxpayer bailouts.

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