EPA Probing Landfill Nuisance

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Last fall, the EPA declared the Countywide Disposal Recycling Facility site near Interstate 77 a public nuisance after the agency received over 1,000 odor complaints. Now, a pilot's infrared aerial photos have them worried about unusual heat emanating from the landfill. EPA spokesman Mike Settles says the agency is examining whether its the result of an underground fire or rotting aluminum waste.

Mike Settles: We are alarmed by what this pilot has told us in the last couple of weeks in terms of what his thermal imaging is showing is that the heat is getting more intense and expanding subsurface at the landfill.

The EPA maintains that the heat and odor problems have no long-term health effects. Over the next few weeks, the agency plans to have a landfill fire consultant investigate. I'm Tasha Flournoy, 90.3.

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