Efficient Earns $$$ For Cuyahoga County

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The upgrades will include new weatherization, energy efficient lighting, heat pump automation and other retrofitting.

The changes will cost five million dollars up front - 60 percent from the county and 40 percent from stimulus dollars. The county expects to recoup its' portion in energy SAVINGS over 3 1/2 years, then save nearly $850,000 annually.

Jay Ross directs the county Central Service Department, and says the best news may be that this run of retrofits - doesn't stop here.

ROSS: 'There's another $3 million which is gonna be targeted to municipalities in Cuyahoga County. There's gonna be a competitive grant program where cities and villages and townships will be able to apply for and get money for both studies and actual projects to save energy dollars in their buildings."

Ross says work on the first 15 buildings should start within 30 days. Buildings slated for the upgrades include the County Courthouse, the Board of Elections building, and the Justice Center.

The Brewer-Garrett Company of Middleburg Heights and Johnson Controls, with Cleveland offices, will do the work.

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