Disabled Ohio Vet Returns To His Favorite Sport

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A year ago… the young army sergeant from Columbus could not imagine ever playing basketball again. Doctors had just amputated much of his left leg.

WHITE: "Just on a foot patrol. We finished a census in one of the towns, we were walking back, I was one of the last men on patrol, I jumped the wall and stepped on an i-e-d."

Matthew White is undergoing therapy at Walter Reed in Washington, adapting to life with a prosthetic leg. He's even able to return to his favorite activity… playing basketball standing up, though no longer on his own two feet.

WHITE: "It's more acceptance before anything and once you accept it I don't think it changes anything you do. I think that was the biggest key for me, accepting it and moving on from there."

On this day, White is at a gym in Walter Reed playing basketball with a group of amputees from a Texas stand-up basketball league. Scott Odom is the founder of the team called Amp-1.

ODOM: "This means everything to me to provide something new, these guys have been telling me they've been trying to get standup basketball in here for a long time."

The next challenge for these amputees? Getting Walter Reed to officially form a team.

For 90-point-3, I'm Patrick Terpstra, Capitol News Connection in Washington.

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