Dimora Alleges Republican Conspiracy, Seeks Federal Investigation

Dimora, speaking to reporters at a hastily-called press conference Monday
Dimora, speaking to reporters at a hastily-called press conference Monday
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Dimora says he is in the political fight of his life, and that he wants President Obama’s Department of Justice to investigate the Bush DOJ under Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. He accuses it and former Bush advisor Karl Rove of orchestrating a deliberate campaign to discredit him and other Midwest democrats during a period prior to the November election.

Dimora: “I believe that the Rove/Gonzalez DOJ was engaged in a conspiracy to prosecute democratic elected officials in the Great Lakes industrial areas. The Republican Party, through the DOJ, was trying to destroy me and our local democratic party to prevent us from delivering the votes that were necessary to elect Barack Obama.”

Dimora was among those whose offices and homes were raided last summer by the FBI. Corruption charges were filed earlier this month against four people , including long-time county employee and Parma School Board member J. Kevin Kelly. Dimora is not named in the indictments, although numerous references to “Public Official Number One” are widely believed to refer to him.

Dimora’s accusations extended to Rob Frost, Chairman of the Cuyahoga Republican party, who has repeatedly called on Dimora to take a leave of absence from his post until his legal difficulties are resolved, Frost is leading a campaign to have Dimora removed from office by a judge if he doesn’t. Frost called Dimora’s call for a federal investigation the act of a desperate individual trying to divert attention from the real issue.

Frost: "…and that is the serious – I don’t want to say charges – but the serious allegations contained in federal indictments that even he acknowledged today seemed to be naming him as “Public Official 1.” He even referred to himself again that way, calling himself “Numero Uno,” and that’s who he’s looking out for."

Dimora said he would submit his request for an investigation to the Justice Department and Congress later this week.

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