DFAS Suspends Firing Workers With Credit Problems

67 DFAS employees, many of whom have many years with the agency, have either already been fired or would be soon because credit reports run on them turned up issues.

A one-sentence written statement issued by the agency states "The DFAS Deputy Director has suspended termination actions in regard to background clearance issues for DFAS employees pending a review."

The firings were suspended after objections by Congressmen Dennis kucinich, Steve LaTourette and others.

According to Angelo "Troy " Marshall, who heads the union representing processing personnel and is himself slated to be fired, says a change five years ago reclassifying their positions from "non-sensitive" to "sensitive" meant they would become subject to credit checks and could be terminated for blemishes on their credit reports.

Marshall says the reclassification was unnecessary and the union has been trying to reverse the policy. He says the employees don't see classified or sensitive information, and are no threat to national security.

The temporary reprieve applies to those employees who are on suspension with firing's pending, or who have been told they will be fired in 30 days.

20 other employees have already been fired over the policy. Their status is unclear.

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