Democrats Get Tough Before Debate

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The campaigns used dueling emails and conference calls Monday to continue their joust for the last word in the run-up to the debate and trade policy continued to be front and center..

Stung by Obama's charge that she was for NAFTA as first lady, Clinton began blitzing Ohio homes with automated "robo-calls," promising that she'll will appoint a trade prosecutor to handle unfair trade agreements.

Obama held a conference call with reporters but let International Transport Workers Union Vice President Roger Tauss do the talking.

Roger Tauss: "Ohioans deserve a president who's had the right judgment on NAFTA from the beginning, who will fight to make sure that workers and jobs come before profits and politics. We don't need someone who is going to triangulate between the middle class and corporate CEOs. That's why we need Barack Obama."

Clinton's last stop before the debate will be a noon rally today at Lorain's Admiral King High School. Obama has no scheduled public events in Ohio today.

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3.

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