Cuyahoga Organizations Apply For Arts Grants

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TAG: Ideastream is a past recipient of CAC grants and has applied again this year.

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture recruits a panel of arts administrators from around the country to assemble in Cleveland and, in full public view, score grant applications. Organizations seeking funding range from small theater and dance groups to long-established institutions like the Cleveland Museum of Art, says CAC Executive Director Karen Gahl-Mills.

Gahl-Mills: "We saw organizations with budgets as low as 300 thousand dollars, we saw organization with budgets upward of 40 million dollars. All of them had to prove to us that they are artistically and culturally excellent, that they have strong management and strong financial management, and that they are providing a public benefit and really engaging the community."

This is the 2nd round of operating grants by Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, which was created in 2007 after county voters passed a tobacco tax to support the arts. The first round distributed nearly 45 million dollars over three years. This time grants will be distributed over two years.

Organizations whose applications score 75 or above will receive funding. Gahl-Mills says applicants should be notified of their scores by next Friday, and those that succeed will find out how much they'll receive in December or January. Lower cigarette tax revenues could mean less grant money to go around each year.

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