Cuyahoga County Urging More Voting By Mail

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It's now been four years since voting by mail was not tied to special circumstances like being out of town. Many now consider it their preferred voting method, over going in person to the polls; The Board of Elections says it's mailed out 98 thousand vote-by-mail ballots so far, and Director Jane Platten would like to see many more go out. She says this November's ballot is complicated by long issues that require some thought.

Platten: There are three statewide issues, three county-wide issues, and then smaller municipal issues. And we encourage people to sit at their kitchen tables and vote, rather than go to the polling location and feeling pressure to hurry up. Because it's a ballot that you don't want to, nor can you, hurry through.

Ballot referenda include Issue 5 and Issue 6 - measures that pose competing choices on changing the structure of Cuyahoga County's government. Attached to Issue 5 is a choice of who would sit on a commission to consider a new county charter - 29 names in all, of which voters would pick 15.

Platten says voters should have already received a vote-by mail application, or, if they didn't receive it or it's lost, they can call the board of Elections and request that one be sent to them. The deadline to request an application is October 31st.

Bill Rice, 90.3.


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