Cuyahoga County Gets HUD Grant To Combat Lead Poisoning

Once at nearly epidemic levels, lead poisoning in the Greater Cleveland Community has been reduced 60 percent in the last 6 years. That success is why the Cuyahoga County Board of Health today was awarded a 4.5 million dollar grant - says Deputy Secretary of HUD Ron Sims.

"These are very, very competitive and they come here year after year because of what we know is going on in this community," he says. "A really determined effort to make sure that lead is not going to effect children anymore."

Allen says that the federal money will help clear 345 homes. HUD has now given 10 grants since 1999 for lead hazard control in Cuyahoga County, but Health Commissioner Terry Allen says the problem is one that still requires a lot of attention: half a million units in greater Cleveland are still in need of repair.

Childhood lead exposure can lead to brain damage, developmental delays, hearing loss, and even death.

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