Cuyahoga County Commissioner Race Heats Up

Jamie Pilla Interview [Listen]
Monday, August 26th, we met Republican candidate Jamie Pilla, who's making his first run at political office. While he's on the G.O.P. ticket, Pilla says he considers himself 53% Republican, 47% Democrat. Best known in the community as a businessman, he built up a network of four car dealerships, which subsequently sold at a multi-million dollar profit. His first experience with campaigning happened last year, during Tim McCormack's mayoral campaign, but Pilla says his interest in politics began when he was still running the dealerships.

Peter Lawson Jones Interview [Listen]
Tuesday, August 27th, April spoke with Democrat Peter Lawson Jones. He's been involved in public service for 20 years, most recently as a state representative for an Ohio House district which includes parts of Cleveland and Shaker Heights. He's also served on Shaker Heights city council. Jones was appointed to Board of Commisioners this winter, to replace Jane Campbell. In the months since then, he says he's spent time with staff in every county department, to better learn the demands of each job. He's also convened an economic development summit that drew leaders from Cuyahoga and the surrounding counties to talk about issues of mutual concern.

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