Clinton Forceful in Debate

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Coming into the debate with a shrinking lead in the polls and 11 straight primary losses to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton had to come on strong.

So there was much less smiling and nodding from Clinton than in their previous televised match-up. Early on, Clinton criticized Obama's plan for health care and his characterization of HER as a NAFTA supporter, and later suggested his early objection to the war in Iraq was an unfair comparison to her vote authorizing military force against Saddam Hussein.

Bite: "Senator Obama rightly points to the speech he gave in 2002. He's to be commended for giving the speech. The fair comparison is he didn't have responsibility, he didn't have to vote."

Obama responded with his only real show of emotion of the night.

Bite:The question is who's making the decision initially to drive the bus into the ditch. The fact is senator Clinton often says she's ready on Day 1 but in fact she was ready to give in to George Bush on Day 1 on this critical issue."

Both candidates continue to campaign in Ohio and Texas this week.

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3.

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