Cleveland School Official's Time at Toledo District Investigated by State

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Cleveland Schools Chief Operating officer Daniel Burns' tenure with Toledo Public Schools is the subject of a new investigation by state auditor Mary Taylor.

A statement released by Taylor indicates Burns' troubles in Cleveland sparked a deeper look into his career in Northwest Ohio. Burns held various positions in Toledo and retired as the district business manager after 30 years on the job. School officials there did not immediately return calls for comment.

Cleveland Schools Communications Chief John Hairston says Burns and his executive assistant Shenee McCoy-Gibbons remain on paid leave until investigations by the Cuyahoga Prosecutor, sheriff and the state are completed. Hairston said the district has been notified of the investigations but has not been advised of the findings at this point.

The inquiry began at the state level after a red flag popped up in a routine audit of the Cleveland district.

Hairston: "The auditor's radar is what started all this. That's when they saw about $160,000 in equipment that they could not find. There seems to be some discrepancies in, not record keeping, but the delivery of some materials."

Burns was one of four top officials who followed former Toledo Superintendent Eugene Sanders to Cleveland. The 53-year-old Burns makes $184,000 a year. The job includes overseeing personnel, transportation, maintenance and food service departments, as well as the 1.5 million school renovation and building project.

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3

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