Cleveland Hopkins Airport and Cab Companies to Faceoff in Court

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Last week, Federal Judge Peter Economus agreed to let the case proceed, saying Cleveland officials may not have given four cab companies an adequate opportunity to win an airport contract, excluding them from the bidding process.

City Law Director Robert Triozzi says the ruling was based on inaccuracies. He says the bidding process is consistent for all city contracts: The city holds open meetings on contract requirements then ask for bid proposals.

TRIOZZI: They chose ultimately not to submit a bid. Only afterwards did they decided that a challenge in a court of law was a better route than actually competing for the bid in the first place.

Right now, three companies-Ace, Americab, and Yellow Cab-have exclusive contracts to make pick-ups at the airport, prompting the four other companies to file a law suit. The city and cab companies will meet in court tomorrow.

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