Candidates Hit Campaign Trail Again in Ohio and Texas

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All told, the democratic candidates are vying for 444 delegates - 161 in Ohio, 228 in Texas, and fifty five between Vermont and Rhode Island.

Barack Obama is concentrating his personal appearances in Texas, where he's in a virtual dead heat with Hillary Clinton. She's still leading in Ohio polls, but that lead has been shrinking. She's been concentrating on central and southern Ohio, where she spent Thursday (today), then will be in Houston through Saturday.

Chelsea Clinton spent the day at southern and central ohio colleges. Both candidates' spouses will spend Friday and Saturday in Ohio, and there are dozens of actors, actresses and politicians on campaign trail here and in Texas strumping for their favorites through the weekend.

Republicans John McCain and Mike Huckabee both plan to be in Texas through March 4. McCain plans to start fundraising for the general election in Florida on March 5th.

Of course, none of the candidates' schedules are set in stone and could change at any time. They're usually updated every evening..

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3

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