Brunner Sets Record Straight On Filibusters

Friday on Morning Edition 90.3 recapped U.S. Senate candidate Lee Fisher's Thursday appearance on 90.3's The Sound of Ideas, quoting the lieutenant governor's understanding of his primary opponent's position on the Senate filibuster.

Fisher: "My opponent believes it's time to study it, and to consider changing it in some way."

That opponent is Ohio secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and her campaign quickly called us to take exception to Fisher's characterization of her stance on the filibuster. Here's her official position.

Brunner: "The filibuster's been around for years, it's working, let's just make people do it."

Meaning, if senators are going to filibuster, they must take to the senate floor and talk until they either give up, or succeed in killing the measure.

That statement was made during a debate with Fisher at the City Club of Cleveland two weeks ago. Fisher says he would abolish the filibuster altogether.


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