Brunner Makes Cities A Priority in Senate Campaign

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Brunner opened her speech by linking her agenda with that of President Barack Obama.

Brunner: The President early in his tenure signed an executive order creating the White House Office of Urban Affairs. It recognized that 80 percent of Americans now live in urban areas. So an urban agenda is very appropriate for us to be looking at, especially in Cleveland today.

Brunner outlined three main goals that she'd pursue as Senator, starting with overhauling the way the Department of Urban Development, or HUD, approaches rehabbing low income housing. She said she wants to see HUD become a leader in green building practices, and collaborate more with the department of Labor to train and create jobs for green collar workers.

Brunner also said she'd work to shore up the automotive supply chain, proposing a new stimulus fund that would guarantee loans to suppliers whose credit has run dry, and to protect fresh water resources - especially the Great Lakes

Brunner will face Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher in the 2010 primary. Republican contenders include former Ohio Congressman Rob Portman and auto dealer Tom Ganley.


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