Brown Hopes To Revive Bill To Aid Manufacturing

In a conference call with reporters, Brown pushed a measure he introduced in August with four other senators. The so-called IMPACT bill would create revolving loan funds for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to retool for or expand domestic clean energy manufacturing operations, and improving energy efficiency.

"Companies that make glass for truck windshields, they can make glass for solar panels," Brown said. "If they make gears for trucks they can make gearboxes for wind turbines. But they need help in the transistion, especially because of credit issues right now."

Brown cites a new study released by the advocacy group Policy Matters Ohio that claims the bill could create up to 52 thousand jobs in Ohio over 10 years. The report was prepared by the The Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts.

(Click on the audio above to hear and excerpt of Brown's conference call with reporters.)


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