Barberton Students Suspended Over Flier

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The suspensions are over student fliers that promoted a walk out on October 9th, the day Barberton teachers have planned for a strike. The three students who created the fliers have been suspended for two days, with one-day suspensions going to the 17 students who helped circulate the fliers - even though none of the students actually attempted the walk out. Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli says the measures were taken because the fliers themselves violated student conduct codes and created a potential safety issue.

Elizabeth Lolli: Schools are responsible for student safety and freedom of speech only goes so far in a school environment. You can't have chaos and you can't have students acting out because they feel a certain way about a certain topic.

Next Tuesday, a federal mediator will meet with the district and teachers to reach a compromise on the contract. At issue are compensation and insurance, which would increase teacher's healthcare costs to an average of $85 a month over the next three years. Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 90.3.

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