Attorney General Advises Caution on Black Friday

For some families, shopping on the day after Thanksgiving is as much of a tradition as the turkey on the table. Stores often offer bargains that are almost too good to be true.

Ohio Attorney General is advising caution when out shopping on Black Friday an after.

He says shoppers should be aware of their rights... especially when considering the advertised early bird sales that have run out by the time you get to the store.

"If there's no exclusions or limitations on an offer then a consumer has a right to a rain check. They have a right to buy the advertised good at the sale price even if the store runs out - unless the advertisement specifically mentions limited quantities," he says.

Cordray also suggests shoppers use credit cards for their Black Friday purchases. That way, the credit card company will provide the customers with some protection if the item doesn't work or there's a dispute over the cost of an item.

"We just want custmoers to have their eyes open and to be careful about protecting themselves" he says.


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