Akron Mayoral Debate

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The back and forth between the longtime mayor and the ex-councilman who has long criticized him got a little testy during the lunchtime debate, that lasted about an hour.

The questioning began with some bickering over whose turn it was to speak, then the challenger tried to talk over the mayor.

While on council, Finley tried to get Plusquellic censured over an well publicized argument the mayor had with a downtown parking attendant who was later fired. During the debate, he accused the mayor of being domineering and just plain hard to get along with.

Joe Finley: When the mayor says he doesn't always agree with people, but they work it out, that means they agree with him.

Plusquellic criticized Finley for being naive about the economic challenges of running a big city.

Don Plusquellic: Ladies and gentlemen, everybody in this room should know, even if my opponent doesn't, this is a worldwide, global competition. People are out to take our jobs.

Voters will choose one of the Democrats in the September 11th primary. There is no Republican running in November.

Kymberli Hagelberg, 90.3.

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