Akron Announces Layoffs - First in 27 years

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It’s the first layoff of Akron city workers in 27 years, according to a news release published today, and its just a first round; more layoff’s are likely to come.

How many depends on the number of employees who take a voluntary early retirement, says Mark Williamson, a spokesman for Mayor Don Plusquellic.

Bite: “We want to reach that 12 million dollar savings, and it's going to come one way or the other. Obviously the gentlest way to do that would be for some of the veterans - we have a number of people that have been here more than 25 years - to take the voluntary separation package.”

Williamson says if it does come to layoffs, all departments will be on the table, including safety forces.

Like most cities across the country, Akron has been hit by a falloff in revenues due to the economic turndown.

In addition to layoffs, the city will take steps to curb overtime pay, eliminate all but essential outside training and travel, and cut support of some special events, including the annual lighting ceremony held right after Thanksgiving.
It’s also considering allowing employees to take voluntary furloughs.

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