Airports increase security

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Following a failed attempt to set off an explosive device on a Northwest Flight bound for Detroit on Christmas Day, travelers will likely see increased security measures at airports.

On NBC's Meet the Press, Department of Homeland Securities Secretary Janet Napolitano said travelers should expect the security process to take longer than usual.

NAPOLITANO: One thing I would say to the traveling public over the holiday season as they return home is to get to the airport a little bit earlier because there will be some additional measures and to say we won't do the same thing at every airport because one of the things we try not to be is predictable.

But Rick McQueen, President and CEO of Akron-Canton Airport says their passengers shouldn't notice too many differences.

MCQUEEN: I think from your passenger experience you will not see much of a change. There is more law enforcement officers making more patrols throughout the facility and there is more screening precautions that are being taken so the line might be a little slower but really for the most part things here are going to be pretty much the way they always have been.

McQueen says security has been beefed up behind the scenes, and international flights may see even more security than domestic ones.

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