ACLU Sues Cuyahoga County Transition Group Over Public Records Request

The ACLU says the Transition Advisory Group, appointed by the commissioners, has not fulfilled public records requests that it filed back in February, when it was announced that some of the transition business would be done privately.

Since then the group has opened committee meetings, but James Hardiman, Legal Director of the Ohio ACLU, says there are still some being conducted behind closed doors, and the ACLU is still seeking records that it's been denied.

"They take the position that they have no obligation to hold them in public because they aren't subject to open meetings act or the public records act," Hardiman says. "We feel that's an insult to the Greater Cuyahoga County community and, more importantly, is in violation of existing case lawe and existing statutes."

The ACLU says secrecy is poisonous to reforming a county government criticized for back room deals.

County Administrator Jim McCafferty says the transition team is trying to operate openly.


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