Abortion Foes Press Senate To Consider Stalled Heartbeat Bill

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Supporters of the bill that would ban abortions at the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected have been working hard to get the legislation passed. They've delivered teddy bears with beating hearts, held news conferences with women who've regretted their abortions and aired television ads. Now they are trying something else. Mark Harrington with the group Created Equal says he's trying graphic billboards.

Harrington - There is a cost to delaying the vote. And that is we lose 10 children every hour….(one every six minutes. :12)

The first Senator to be targeted by Harrington's campaign is Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus. He's not impressed.

Niehaus - If these groups would spend as much time working toward a compromise as I've asked them to do as they have holding press releases and spending money on bears and billboards, this bill would've probably been done. :14)

Niehaus says the Senate will take the bill up in late March. But he urges heartbeat bill backers to quote….practice what they preach…unquote…by sitting down with other anti abortion groups that are not backing the plan, so a reasonable compromise can be accomplished.


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