Abandoned Railway to Become a Park

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A 1.3-mile abandoned railway corridor running along the West bank of the Flats will serve as a pedestrian and bicycle trail, linking Wendy Park on Whiskey Island to the Tremont and Ohio City Neighborhoods. The land will also be part of a longer trail stretching from Lake Erie to the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

Justin Glanville is Project Director for Building Cleveland by Design, a local group dedicated to urban design and sustainability. Glanville says the recently acquired land hasn't been used for much until now.

GLANVILLE: There were a couple places along the trail where you know over the years it was just sort of regarded almost as a dumping ground so you'll see in a couple different sections construction debris dumped in there, there's a couple old oil totes, so it probably would have continued to be used as just a dump.

2 million dollars of the corridor was donated by the owner, Earl Walker - a former Tri-C professor and area investor. The remaining 1.2 million dollars came from a grant from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund.

Glanville says the next step will be to find some funds to clean up the remaining waste and to design and construct the greenway. He says he hopes the project will be completed in a few years.

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